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  • XeXe
    Posts: 32
    Did anybody else ever watch this show? I actually just downloaded the whole series and started watching it again for the hell of it. Been years, but I still remember a lot of the characters' names. Haha

    If you watched it, what was your favorite character's name?
  • HennyaHennya
    Posts: 137
    I used to watch that series, too (and have it all on DVD)! I think my favorite character from the show was probably BT or Orcus. I also quite liked the PS2 video games, though I never finished the 4th one :(
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  • XeXe
    Posts: 32
    Oh shit, I thought I was the only one! Haha That's awesome, man! I really like Tsukasa more than the rest of them, mainly because he reminds me of myself when I was younger. I spent a lot of time alone kinda doing my own thing and not really wanting to be bothered by a lot of people and always just kinda felt disconnected from the rest of the world (even to this day). Plus his guardian's just a boss. Lmfao The PS2 games were great as well, though I only played up through the 2nd one.