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That awkward moment when you realize how sexual DragonSoul really was.
  • AriliaArilia
    Posts: 4
    I miss you guys so much, I'll come back soon, kay?
  • AnateAnate
    Posts: 79
    I thought this would be a thorough discussion about Tentacle porn.
  • AbaddonAbaddon
    Posts: 47
    Dragon soul must have been made by the japanese...
    Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby.
  • AriliaArilia
    Posts: 4
    Careful Abaddon, they still don't know you've figured out the real meaning behind DS! O_o

    How many of you still raid with Hennya? (aka. Jenny)
  • FinarinFinarin
    Posts: 71
    A small handful of us lol.
  • AriliaArilia
    Posts: 4
    Would this mean that when an Arilia comes back before pandas, that they may get to raid with the cool peeps again? <3 I hope so!