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Just reached Christian Louboutin outlet online. [FIRST OFFICIAL SPAM POST]
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  • AnateAnate
    Posts: 79
    Well what is this, our first spam post?

    But but...Chamberlain...

    My brain hurts.
  • XeXe
    Posts: 32
    Wow... Lol
  • XogXog
    Posts: 8
  • FinarinFinarin
    Posts: 71
    I don't know if we should delete this or not. Perhaps move it to the humor forum?
  • AnateAnate
    Posts: 79
    Yeah, I really didn't want to delete it. It is our first spam post after all :) It means we're getting noticed!

    Edit: Moved the discussion. Will close it in a week.
    Post edited by Anate at 2012-08-23 17:32:24