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Heroic Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
  • HennyaHennya
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    No video yet, all discussion will be based on the Dungeon Journal

    There's only one difference and it's the ability "Echoes of Power". When he leaves the Attenuation and Force and Verve platforms, he'll leave copies of himself there. During P2 he will then summon these copies randomly and they must be tanked, and will cast their respective platform abilities.

    I believe that it will still be possible to one tank the fight, especially because cleaving will help us kill the echoes fast as well as dps the boss (target the echo and cleave the boss, not the other way around). However, there will be a lot of movement to avoid abilities and get under the bubbles. One thing to note that will be helpful is that the bubbles also reduce damage from attenuation, so even if both abilities get used at once, it will be survivable. Not to say it won't be intense, but personal Damage Reduction CDs and healing CDs will get us through it.
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