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  • HennyaHennya
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    This one simply requires us to kill the boss in three different orders. Basically, we'll have it eventually.

    There's a tree in the arena that has a little under 1 mil health and takes damage during the night phase. To keep it alive, the healers simply need to heal it. This should be relatively easy and obtainable on the first kill.

    From what I hear, there are parasites in the water that do about 20k damage every three seconds. Similar to the Vizier achieve, we need to all get in the water to get the parasites before the boss dies (so at around 5% health). Also similar to the Vizier achieve, I believe we all need to be alive for anyone to get the achieve.

    This will probably be the most difficult. There are two abilities that have to be avoided. For the main platform, you have to be inside the beam of light when Sha reaches 100 energy and casts Breath of Fear. For the Pagodas, you need to dodge the spread of arrows whenever the add casts Dread Spray. The Dread Spray will most likely be more difficult to dodge, but there are resources to help learn the patterns online. I'll post them when I find them again.
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