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Lei Shi Heroic
  • HennyaHennya
    Posts: 137
    Rather than post a video, I'm simply going to explain the mechanics and how we'll handle them. I expect to make revisions/updates as necessary.

    So the way this works is that people standing outside the circle gain a stacking debuff called "scary fog". This debuff does ticking damage to them and increases damage taken by them and anything inside their "personal circles" by 10%*stacks of the debuff. So if a player stands out and gets 7 stacks, anyone within their circle will have a 70% damage taken increase debuff. Unfortunately, the debuff is not additive; multiple players with multiple stacks will not bring the effective stacks on targets higher. It defaults to the highest stacked debuff. For instance: If Cromin has 8 stacks and Finarin has 6 stacks, anyone inside both of their circles will get an 80% debuff, not 140% or 60%.

    What to do:
    Basically, we will have a rotation of 2, maybe 3 ranged players stacking the debuff and keeping it on the boss. The way we will do this is we will start with one ranged staying outside the circle and building their stacks, then when they come in to put the debuff on the boss, another player steps out to start building their stacks. Once the debuff falls off the first player to step in, the second player will come in and the first will go back out to build their stacks again. This may take some practice and experimentation in order to get it so that there is constantly a high number of stacks (7-9) of the debuff, rather than cycling a low number (3-5).

    This will probably be the most frustrating ability Lei Shi will use. In order to survive it, Rallying Cry, Demoralization Banner, Revival, Devotion Aura, Light's Hammer, Power Word: Barrier and other similar instant cast healing, damage reduction or health increasing Cool Downs should be used. Personal Cool Downs are recommended. Channeled/Cast Cooldowns are better saved for Summon Protectors phases as not running against the wind for as long as this ability lasts will likely kill you. The ability is of course shortened if we damage her quickly, so it is going to be pretty much mandatory to have the Scary Fog holder close to keep the debuff on her.

    This is simply a matter of coordination. Markers will be placed so that we can quickly call out where She is hiding and move to her location.

    This is going to be a matter of CC chains and tank/healer cooldowns. Having a shaman/warlock to bind an elemental or two is obviously a huge boon during this ability as it completely eliminates their presence and such CCs are not possible to be broken. Besides that, fearing the elementals, then rooting them in place with something like Frost Nova or Staggering Shout will keep them away from healers and tanks. Chaining Fears with Intimidating Shouts and Psychic Screams will be our best bet. During that, a single add will need to be focused down. Though it is desirable to have the Scary Fog holder move in to get the debuff on the elemental, this puts the tanks at risk and needs to be done extremely carefully.
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