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Garalon Heroic
  • HennyaHennya
    Posts: 137
    3 Differences (besides Moar DPS!):
    -We will need more kiters due to the debuff from Pungency lasting 4 minutes.
    -Garalon no longer casts Crush when we pass Pheromones, but rather roughly every 35 seconds.
    -At 33%, Garalon stops following Pheromones and starts attacking his primary threat target. At this point he is tanked and pheromone placage does not matter (however it must still be passed at high stacks).

    What to do:
    We'll have more players kiting with pheromones (likely 6) and to determine when to pass, we will be watching the Crush CD. Best case scenario is that we have between 0 and 15 stacks of pheromones when he uses crush. If it's higher than that, we're likely to die while stunned as the ticking damage will be overwhelming. Passing the debuff right when he's about to crush might not be ideal, so at around 25-27 stacks is probably the most likely. Either way, we will have to have backup pheromone carriers in case we need to pass right before a crush and the next person in line still has the debuff.
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