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Jin'Rokh the Breaker
  • HennyaHennya
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    Speculative Guide:
    -The boss uses Thundering Throw to throw tanks at a statue. This will do 250k to tanks, 200k to players within 14 yards of impact, stun those players for 9 seconds, and create Conductive Waters.
    -There are areas called "Conductive Waters" that form when the boss throws a tank into a statue. These increase healing by 40%, damage by 30%, and Nature damage taken by 40%. Players want to stand in conductive waters in most circumstances.
    -Lightning storm is a 15 second AoE that does 55k nature damage per second and turns any Conductive Waters into Electrified Waters.
    -The boss puts a stacking debuff on tanks. The debuff only does 12k per tick, but that damage is spread to players in Conductive Waters if the tank is also standing in it. The debuff will also refresh if the debuffed tank is standing in the water.
    -The boss will create an orb of Focused Lightning that will chase a player. Upon impact, it will do 150k nature damage to the player and anyone within 5 yards. The Orb also pulses for 50k nature damage to anyone within 3 yards of it (like undying shadows).
    -If the Focused Lightning eplodes outside of Conductive Waters, it will create a Lightning Fissure. The Fissure ticks every second for 75k nature damage to all players within 3 yards.
    ——Lightning Fissures will dissipate if Conductive Waters engulf them, however they will deal 75k nature damage to any player within the Conductive Waters.
    -If a Focused Lightning touches a Lightning Fissure, it will implode and do 200k nature damage to everyone.
    -If a Focused Lightning explodes inside of Conductive Waters, it will completely disappear (no fissure) as well as do 40% increased damage to the player everyone in the conductive waters when exploding.

    What to do:
    -Tank swap at 3-5 stacks, Use tanking CDs before getting thrown.
    -DO NOT stand near the statues when a tank is going to get thrown as it will damage and stun nearby players.
    -STAND in Conductive Waters, except in circumstances listed below.
    -GET OUT of Conductive Waters in the following circumstances:
    ——A: When the boss turns it into Electrified Waters.
    ——B: During the 15 seconds of Lightning Storm.
    ——C: When a player needs to kite a Focused Lightning Orb into it.
    -KITE Focused Lightning into Conductive Waters.
    -KITE Focused Lightning to a place where the fissure will be out of the way or dissipate as soon as Conductive Waters form.
    -Use personal damage reduction CDs to survive the orb explosion while inside the Conductive Waters.
    -Use Healing CDs during Lightning Storm.
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    Any sufficiently advanced play is indistinguishable from hacking.
    -trixter21992251 on Reddit
  • HennyaHennya
    Posts: 137
    This guy was easy. Things to note:
    -Dropping Lighting Fissures in the grates on the edges of the arena ensures that they will not be engulfed by the waters, thus saving some raid damage.
    -Raid damage will be high in the few seconds before tank swaps can occur.
    -Standing in the exact center of the room is safe during Lighting Storm.
    Any sufficiently advanced play is indistinguishable from hacking.
    -trixter21992251 on Reddit