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Wind Lord Mel'Jarak Heroic
  • HennyaHennya
    Posts: 137
    -Only 3 adds may be CC'd however, you can have 3 CC'd regardless of how many are dead.
    -Add packs respawn 45 sec. after dying.
    -When an add pack dies, the boss becomes reckless for 30 seconds, increasing damage by 50% and taking 600% increased damage.

    -CC Amber Trappers 100% of the time.
    -Keep people topped off before Kor'thik strike so they can survive it.
    -Keep 3 Interrupters with focus target macros ready to interrupt the Menders at all times.
    -Dispel as much as possible as often as possible.
    -The fight basically goes in a rotation:
    --Kill Menders
    --DPS Boss
    --Kill Battle Masters
    --DPS Boss
    --Kill Menders Again
    --DPS/kill Boss (probably lust here)
    --Kill Battle Masters again if necessary
    --Kill Boss

    -The most difficulty will be in quickly marking and setting focus targets on the respawned Menders so they don't heal.
    Any sufficiently advanced play is indistinguishable from hacking.
    -trixter21992251 on Reddit