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  • HennyaHennya
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    Dealing with Horridon
    -Double Swipe: A conical attack in front and behind the boss. There is a visible effect before this happens. Don't stand in it.
    -Triple Puncture: A stacking debuff on the tank. Can be cleared with BoP.
    -Charge: Does no damage, but Double Swipe comes right after. Can target anyone but his current tank.

    For P1-P4 there may be different adds each phase, but they always have the same basic functions and must be dealt with in the same basic ways. Namely, there is an interrupt (and a dispel if the cast gets through) and an AoE. There will also be an add that is more dangerous than the others and thus needs to be burned down faster than the others. I will describe the adds in their kill priority for each door. At all doors the Zandalari Dinomancer is TOP dps and interrupt priority UNTIL it hits 50% (at that point we could even just ignore it, which would get us the achieve).

    -Sul'Lithuz Stonegazers: These have low health and their cast stuns which is potentially deadly depending on who it targets. Can be interrupted, but burning down is preferable. Come out of the door 3 at a time.
    -Farraki Wastewalker: They cast both the DoT (magic) and the AoE on targets. Stunning them when possible is advisable. 3 total jump down.
    -Farraki Skirmishers: They melee. Come out of the door 3 at a time.

    -Venomous Effusions: These are actually summoned by the Venom Priests, but will cast the same Venom Bolt Volley as the Priests. They should be burned down as fast as possible and interrupted as often as possible. Beware, though as there will be venom AoE under them when they spawn.
    -Venom Priests: Their cast of Venom Bolt Volley can and should be interrupted as often as possible as it puts a DoT (poison) on all players. There will be 3 of these priests total and they need to be killed quite quickly, though their summoned Venomous Effusions take priority.
    -Bloodlords: These charge and leave a bleed on players. They come out of the door 1 at a time.

    -Frozen Warlords: These apply a Mortal Strike to their tank, reducing healing by 50% and summon Frozen Orbs which are the AoE of the area. 3 total will jump down from the stands.
    -Risen Champions/Warriors: These attack people randomly (no aggro table), leaving a DoT (disease) on players. This should be dispelled as often as possible. Come out of the door 3 at a time.

    -Beast Shamans: These drop AoE totems that deal massive damage, Hex players (curse) to sometimes damage themselves and cast a chain lightning that forces us to spread 5 yards from each other to prevent jumping. A whole bag of pain.
    -Warbears: These do conical cleaves in front of them (purely physical damage). When they die, their Beast Shaman riders become active. A total of 3 will jump down.
    -Flame Casters: These cast a fireball which could do to be interrupted. Come out of the door 1 at a time.
    -Protectors: They melee. Come out of the door 1 at a time.

    As this door is a little confusing, a little extra clarification:
    -Don't stand in front of Warbears unless you're a tank.
    -Spread 5 yards when Beast Shamans are active.
    -Beware of Totems. 400k per tick from the totem AoE is almost certain death.
    -Kill Warbears, but never more than one at a time as we don't want to deal with more than one Beast Shaman at a time.
    -Kill Beast Shamans as they become active, avoiding their totems and dispelling their hexes.
    -Interrupt Flame Casters when possible, kill them when priorities are dead.
    -Kill Protectors eventually.

    Relatively easy compared to the rest of the fight:
    -Burn down War God Jalak as fast as possible. Use lust as well as healing and dps cool downs.
    -Kill Horridon. Use tanking cool downs.

    -If we have 2 pallies, it is possible to have on tank full time on Horridon and one tank full time on adds via Clemency and BoP (tank needs BoP cancel macro so they can retaunt right after being hit).
    -Revival is best used during the Gurubashi Door and then, when everyone has multiple stacks of poison and is low.
    -Warriors should invest into Disrupting Shout and Mass Reflect as talents.
    -Any extra stuns and interrupts you can gain from your class talents should be considered.
    -Use Ring of Peace on add tank.
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